We uncover the best of NYC's sipping spots: from coffee shops to cozy book stores. 

To a certain extent a great cup of coffee is what’s in the coffee. It’s the story behind it, the flavors, nuances, but I think upon moving to New York where there’s just a great café on every block, for me it has shifted. It’s less about the cup of coffee—because there are so many great cups—and more about the place.
— Allie Caran; Coffee Educator, Toby's Estate

New York City is filled with unexplored gems: industrial-styled coffee shops, "stay awhile" cozy nooks and hybrid boutiques perfect for sipping and shopping. The coffee came first, but it's the unique decor and family-like feels that make us want to stay awhile.



Step inside some of the city's best coffee shops, and get to know the talent behind them.

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Know your coffee

What's a flat white? Where can I find some gorgeous, hand made coffee mugs? What's in a good brew? Get to know all things coffee. 

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