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Verve Coffee Roasters: Downtown LA

Image via Verve Coffee

Image via Verve Coffee

Has it honestly been months (!!) since I've last posted? It can't possibly...

In those past few months, actually just in the past few weeks, I've packed up my (big for New York) apartment and set out on an entirely new adventure. Los Angeles, to be exact. 

With a new city comes, you guessed it, new coffee shops. City Brewed has always been a space to document my adventures, and, as you can probably tell, my New York journey seemed to get a bit slow. While it's been awhile, I'm still documenting all of the little places I'm stumbling upon, and I'll continue to share them here. 

Ok, ok, enough of the backstory, more of the coffee. 

Enter, Verve Coffee Roasters of Downtown LA, i.e. the source of every local Instagram post. It's beautiful beyond words, and when I was picking a place to meet a friend one afternoon, this was the first spot on my mind. 

A bit about the space: It's huge. Really huge. But that doesn't mean it's not always packed. Verve is decidedly the perfect blend of Manhattan and LA. A beautiful, slightly industrial space in the heart of downtown, but overflowing with lush greenery. Honey, I'm home?

Follow my new journey on Instagram, and if you have any great coffee shop recommendations in LA, comment below!

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Love in Coffee Shops

Hopper Coffee

Falling in love—in coffee shops

image via Hopper Coffee, words by Michelle Babinsky

All you need is love and coffee.
— Unknown

This being the "week of love," or whatever, I wanted to share a post that is a little bit out of the ordinary for City Brewed. 

We all know my obvious obsession with all-things coffee, coffee shops, and cozy spaces. But the thing is, it's not just about the coffee. It's about life happening over coffee. It's about words, inspiration, laughter, ideas. Coffee, in all its grandeur, is so much more than just beans and latte art. 

So today, while the city indulges in chocolate and cupid fairy dust (is that a thing?) I'd love to introduce my friend Michelle Babinksy.

Michelle, an avid traveler, coffee drinker and beautiful writer, just happens to know a thing or two about love happening in coffee shops. Let her whisk you away with her words, and be sure to have a steaming cup of coffee on hand. Happy dreaming

Coffee shops. Coffee shops in New York City. Coffee shops in London. Coffee shops in Moscow. Why do we love them so much? What about coffee shops makes falling in love seem so easy?
Whenever I enter a coffee shop, the first thing I do is look around – take in the atmosphere, the décor, the menu, and, of course, the other patrons sitting around reading their newspapers and chatting with friends.
I pick up my light latte and its cute foamed heart makes me feel reluctant to take the first sip. And then I sit down and continue observing.
There’s something special about coffee shops – you know everyone is there for their daily caffeine boost, yet they all sit around patiently waiting for something more than a kick to the door of their office. I like to make eye contact with people just to see if they’ll hold my gaze, and once in a while, they do. On some special occasions, I’ve had complete strangers come join me at my table and start making small talk: Politics, art, this, and that.
We talk about everything because what coffee really does is foster expression. It’s as if drinking a cup of coffee across from a stranger is special enough to make me share my darkest secrets and my wildest dreams. I don’t know if it’s something in the beans, but I’ve met all of my boyfriends at coffee shops. And we all seem to have something in common when we’re in one; we’re all escaping the world and hiding in each other’s stories. It’s the one place you can go where it’s acceptable to be yourself. You have to be productive at work, fun at the club with your friends, and caring at home with your loved ones. But sometimes it’s great to just be free.
My first date with my boyfriend was at a coffee shop on Bond Street and there wasn’t a moment of silence. We were fueled by our espressos and consumed by our laughter. The whole world was a table, two chairs, two cups, and two saucers. And the freshly ground aroma just brought him closer and closer to me until I knew there was nowhere else I would rather be. We just were, and four hours flew by like a plastic bag in the wind. It’s a coffee shop that makes you feel whole again. 
Michelle Babinksy

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7 Must-Visit Coffee Shops During NYFW

Fashion week begins after coffee.

Do you want to know the worst part about New York Fashion Week? Desperately searching for an acceptable coffee shop in five inch heels. Yes, Starbucks on Broadway has proven to be a life saver more than once, but there have to be better options, am I right? 

Because I couldn't let you spend NYFW in a coffee-less stupor, I'm sharing some must-visit coffee shops around the city (conveniently located next to all those shows you'll be frequenting). 

Ready, set, caffeinate.

Upper West Side: Irving Farm Coffee Roasters 224 West 79th St.

Near Lincoln Center: Joe Coffee 
187 Columbus Avenue

Milk Studios: Blue Bottle Coffee 
450 West 15th St.

High Line Hotel: Intelligentsia Coffee
180 10th Ave 

Near Pier 59 Studios: Under Line Coffee
511 West 20th St.

Near The Hudson Mercantile: The Cafe Grind
477 Tenth Avenue

A day off in Noho: La Colombe
400 Lafayette Street


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